Everything you ever wanted to know about the Gracefolk Collective.

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+ Who are you and what is the Gracefolk Collective?

The Gracefolk Collective is a ministry for women designed to meet the needs of body and spirit. Founded in 2019, it is brand new and currently very small, but we hope to grow our teaching resources and develop a close network of women, both online and off, who gather for ministry, prayer, service, encouragement, and more.

The Gracefolk Collective is the ministry extension of Gracefolk.com and neither are a 501(c)(3).

+ Can I donate cash to your ministry?

No, but thank you for your generous inquiry. The Gracefolk Collective is a simple and heartfelt project funded and operated by Gracefolk. From time to time we may offer products or services or affiliate links, and by purchasing these products and services, you will indirectly support the Gracefolk Collective.

+ Can I donate food, clothes, and shoes to your ministry?

We do not have a storage facility or office. Instead, we aim to meet living needs on an as-needed basis with what we have available at the time. We recommend donating your surplus to a local women's shelter or food pantry. You can also join our network to be matched with someone in need.

+ Are you a church?

Gracefolk is not a church that meets regularly within a specific building. Made up of believers who are saved by grace through faith in the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ, this means we are members of His body, the Church. We are not affiliated with a specific corporate church or denomination.

+ What religion are you?

We are Christians.